Photography & Filmmaking

A great image can get you pretty far, but a great story will get you past that finish line every time. Getting you that dope image is no problem for me (and probably a lot of others.) So before we start creating something others can also deliver I'd rather sit down and have a chat first. We can discuss what and why you want it and build on that idea towards something even better. Sounds good? Cool, send me a message and let's meet up!Oh and if you're worried that one guy can't deliver everything you want, don't worry I have a big network of other creatives who I often team up with on bigger productions.

Elles & Hellen – Gaypride 2019

Dance video – Say My Name

Mauritshuis – Hallo Rembrandt!

Ballantine Ft. Bamo & J.Outloud – Voel Gevaar

Het Amsterdams Verbond

Young in Prison